Welcome to the Usa property sale network and the Usa property group.

This group is for investors to post their buy criteria if looking to buy property over 5m price. Be sure to post your buying criteria such as state of interest, price limit, type of property wanted and email to send property to here in this group. Also find GREAT new development and investment property $5,000,000 and up! Here you will find interesting properties for investment and development. Many prime properties and future properties will be highlited here. This group was created to present new property opportunities to our existing clients and new clients. Property here often sells quickly. Please ask us for address and further information if interested in any property. You may message us here or email us for further property details at usapropertysale@gmail.com thank you. Feel free to share your purchase criteria here or email it to us at usapropertysale@gmail.com. Once we know your requirements we can start sending you properties. New properties will always be added so check back regularly. 


---We welcome you to visit other property groups in the Usa property sale network, to review properties in other price ranges:

Property over $5,000,000 https://usapropertysale.com/
Property under $2,000,000 https://thebuyerspool.com/
Property under $5,000,000 https://quicksalepriceproperty.com/


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